Local business scammed, may close down

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A local business is on the verge of shutting down after falling for a scam.  A call from a man claiming to be with Westar Energy cost the owners big.  

Westar says there's been a recent spike in those scams. 

The sign on the door at a local business, Skeletons Out Of The Closet may soon be out of business.

"People think that just because I have a business that I'm making money and that's absolutely not true. We're local businesses and something like this can destroy us," Owner Jessica Olson said.

The shop is struggling after a recent move. 

"We've been having to go month by month and when you go month by month anything, bam, could close you down."

 Olson said it only got worse when her husband got a call from someone claiming to be from Westar Energy, threatening to shut off their electricity. 

The stress was too much for Olson and she said they weren't thinking clearly and sent the scammer the money. 

"Both of us broke down and cried because we've been struggling and that was our rent money."

Westar Energy you can tell it's a scam a few different ways. 

They will never ask you to use a prepaid card, and they won't disconnect the same day you're notified about being past due. 

For Olson, she hopes her business can survive this blow.

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