Disaster Declaration in Kingman County following flooding

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A storm that dumped 5 inches of rain in Kingman County last week, washed out several dirt roads and damaged culverts, costing an estimated $200,000.00 to fix.

The Kingman County Communications Coordinator says the county takes care of the bridges, and the townships take care of the roads and culverts.

“At this point, it will be up to townships and their budgeting authority,” Kingman County Communications Coordinator Nancy Borst said. “I know they are stressed with other damages we suffered last year.”

The Kingman County Commission approved a disaster declaration to see if federal assistance could help fix the roads.

“It’s not going to happen this time it appears,” Borst said about funding.

She says that since only Kingman County made a disaster declaration, but none of the surrounding counties, funding will be hard to come by.

Many of the rural dirt roads that lead to homes have been repaired enough they can be driven on safely. Some of the roads that do not have residences on the mile sections are still in rough shape, with washed out sections and in places, large pot holes. 

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