Car stolen from Wichita detail shop


A fancy car goes missing after a trip to a Wichita detail shop. Local car guy, Tyler Hoover, has a collection of cars he calls the "hoopty fleet", he says most of his cars are fully insured, but says the one the thief made off with is not. 

A rare Mercedes SUV was last seen at the Quik Clean Ups detail shop in East Wichita. A thief saw a crime of opportunity, stole it without anyone noticing. 

"Walked in brazenly while sitting in the garage running, with several men in the next room and drove off with it. At the business. In the middle of the day," Hoover said. 

Hoover has been collecting unique cars for years, especially Mercedes Benz. He's been taking his vehicles to Quik Clean Ups for a long time, he said nothing like this has ever happened before. 

While collecting cars is a Hoover's hobby, he's also a columnist for Autotrader, but most people recognize him for his YouTube videos. He has over 60,000 subscribers.

"It's pretty much about my cars and what I do and the things I do with them."

Recently, he made a video about the Mercedes. He says this model was one of the first hot rods Mercedes ever made and what really distinguishes it is its brown color. "It sticks out anywhere it goes, everyone sees it."

Wichita Police are on the look out for this SUV, and so is Hoover, "I drive around at night pointlessly looking for it." 

Hoover hopes to find the stolen car in one piece. 

He's created a Facebook page to help find the car. 

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