Keeping KAKEland dry, one diaper at a time

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If you're a new parent you know baby diapers can be expensive. A local nonprofit group says sometimes, parents can't afford to buy diapers, and that's where it hopes you'll step into help.

It's this week's Wins for Kansas.

The group is cleverly named No Child, Wet Behind. It's mission is to make sure all babies have fresh diapers. 

"There are many families in the community who have to choose between buying diapers and food," said Sara Skiles, who run the Wichita branch. "There are no government food stamps that go towards the purchase of diapers."

Along with more than a dozen donation sites, the group is holding a fun run on mothers day. The goal is to raise awareness and collect disposal diapers. 

"A day care requires a certain number of diapers per week in order to watch the child and if the mother can't provide that she can't go to work." 

The group says one in three families cant afford to buy diapers. Some parents will avoid changing their babies leading to health issues. Our partners at Wins for Kansas, the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers, wanted to help. 

So they presented No Child Wet Behind with a $500 check to help reach their goals.

No Child Wet Behind partners with the Changing Wichita diaper bank to distribute the donated diapers. 

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