Gruesome details released in decapitation of Wichita woman

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Micki Davis Micki Davis

A court document released Friday details a child's call to Wichita police about a woman beating his grandmother to when an officer discovered the victim's decapitated body.

WARNING: This story contains graphic content that may not be appropriate for all readers.

Micki Davis, 63, was killed Sunday, April 9. Rachael Hilyard, 35, the ex-girlfriend of Davis' son, is charged with first-degree murder and remains jailed on $226,000 bond. 

A probable cause affidavit states Hilyard called Davis just before 1 p.m. and asked her to pick up her son's belongs or they would be put out on the curb. Davis' 9-year-old grandson accompanied her to Hilyard's home.

A short time later, Davis' grandson called 911, saying he saw Hilyard knock down his grandmother and hit her "really hard." The boy had grabbed Davis' cell phone out of her truck, called 911 and then ran. 

Officers responded and the boy directed them to Hilyard's home in the 1400 block of West Rita. 

"Officer Spicuglia looked into the garage and saw what he thought at first was a mannequin. Officer Crouch then confirmed that it was a body lying on the floor of the garage."

The affidavit says Officer Crouch approached the body to check for a pulse and discovered the victim had been decapitated. The officer noted a large amount of blood and a black-handled kitchen knife lying close to the right shoulder of the body.

Officers then entered the house to check for more victims and a suspect.

"Rachael Hilyard, the lone occupant of the residence, was located inside of the bathroom and was taken into custody. Rachael was uninjured but had blood on the sleeves of her jacket, blood in her hair and blood on the shoes she was wearing," the document says. 

As the officers were clearing the rest of the house, one walked into the kitchen and found Davis' head.

Following her arrest, a detective began asking Hilyard for personal information.

"Rachael spontaneously stated it 'seemed like she was coming at me with a picture frame' and this has happened before like deja vu. 'God was telling me to do it.' I asked her if she had taken any drugs or alcohol recently and Rachael said she didn't want to talk about it."

Read the full affidavit below.

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