Community Diaper Pantry a reality in Haysville

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A growing need throughout America might have found a solution in Haysville.

Several people have been working for the past two months, collecting baby diapers for the towns new Community Diaper Pantry.

"There are no safety net programs to help purchase can't use food stamps or those other programs to purchase diapers,” said Emily Goetz. Goetz is one of the people spearheading the collection.

She says that people who cannot afford to buy new diapers are forced to change their babies diaper less often or reuse old diapers.

The Community Diaper Pantry is set up to help parents and guardians who cannot afford enough diapers.

The collection on Thursday afternoon was brought in by the Haysville School District. All the diapers collected were loaded onto a large dump truck and transferred to the Community Diaper Pantry at 134 Steward Street in Haysville. 

“The number one motivation is we are all moms and grandma’s and we have all been there,” says Haysville School District employee Charlotte Gould. At Gould’s facility, they collected 5,380 diapers, a fact she proudly proclaimed. There were several other locations in the school district that collected diapers as well.

Later in the day on Thursday, at a community event outside the Haysville School District headquarters, children were all around playing with large trucks on display for them. Between the honking horns of the big rigs showing off how loud they could be, the community was invited to donate diapers the collection.

“It’s awesome,” said Brittany Shook, attending the event with her son. “It looks like they did fill it up,” she said, referring to the dump truck,  “I’m glad they filled it up.”

Over 7,000 diapers were collected on Thursday. 

The Community Diaper Pantry in Haysville is open. Anyone wanting to donate or that is in need can call (316) 554-2303. Organizers say to leave a message if no one picks up the phone and an advanced voice mail system will alert those in charge. 

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