STAR project approval to improve Stryker Complex

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The City of Wichita was approved by the State of Kansas for up to $22-million of STAR bonds for the development and construction of the Stryker Youth Multi Sport Complex at 29th Street North and Greenwich.

The City has contributed over $11-million in land, infrastructure and utility improvements for this project. 

"Pretty exciting day in our community. We have been working on this quite a long time," said Pete Meitzner, Wichita City Council Member.

The project will include turfing and lighting the current outdoor fields, updating the current stadium, and building a new multi-sport indoor facility.

"This project is a continuation of what started with the sports forum to make people stop here and come here and see what this magnificent city is and has to offer. Now, it's truly going to be on a national scale with what's going to happen here," said Tymber Lee, Wichita Sports Forum Owner.

STAR bonds are repaid based on the incremental increase in sales tax revenue generated within the STAR Bond District which was established in 2013. 

The land of Stryker Soccer Complex was donated to the city by community members. The efforts began after a 13-year-old soccer player named Tommy Peckham tragically fell out of a hotel window while his soccer team was competing in Europe in July 1995.

"Tom was the one that began this field of dreams that is coming forth and moving forward and getting bigger. We thank the community and those people that are making this possible for the City of Wichita and children here," said JoAnn Peckham, mother.

The Stryker Sports Complex project is estimated to draw between 100,000 to 150,000 visitors per year from within 300 to 350 miles. The city said the estimated annual economic impact from 55,000 or 82,000 visitors is $15-million or $22.4-million, respectively.

Within the next 30 days, the city will request for bids to select a design consultant. They will generate additional renderings as they proceed through design. 

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