Kansas students give senior trip money to fire victims

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Kansas high school students gave an important life lesson today.  

A dozen students from Axtell High School's senior class made it to Ashland High School after a 327 mile trip that took five and a half hours.  The students raised money to take a class trip to visit the Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City.  But watching news of the wildfires in Clark County changed their minds about where they wanted the money to go.  "We all decided that we thought it would be better to donate our money down here.  It's something that matters," said class President Maddy Kuckelman.

They first presented a check for $2200 from Axtell's senior class.  Then they presented a $1000 check that the Axtell KAYS program raised for fire victims. Axtell students also made fleece blankets.

The students are nearly on opposite sides of the state.  They may cross paths at state competitions.  But in this meeting they get a chance to hear firsthand how those wildfires impacted the lives of Ashland students and their parents.   "The smoke had gotten so bad my uncle left for about a half hour or so he didn't know whether my parents died or not," Quanah Gardiner recalled.

Ashland Superintendent Jamie Wetig calls Axtell's gift everything that is great with our country.

The Axtell students returned home with a memory they'll never forget. 

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