Armed guards, metal detectors to be present at university events

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You can expect change the next time you attend a large sporting event or commencement at some Kansas universities. Wednesday, the Board of Regents approved new security measures.

The change is in response to a new measure that will allow anyone to conceal and carry guns on all public university campuses in Kansas, starting July 1.

Wichita State University, Kansas State University and the University of Kansas will be hiring armed security guards and buying metal detectors. You'll see the changes at events with 5,000 or more people.

KAKE News spoke with students on both sides of the gun debate. Despite controversy, all of them say they are on board with the new security changes for large events.

"Everybody would be checked. Like everybody, you know, who goes through those doors are safe. So, you feel more safe in the arena or the game." WSU student, Kristy Dao said.

The president of WSU's newly formed group, Students for Concealed Carry, Cale Ostby, is an advocate for the right to conceal carry everywhere else on campus, but he says guns in a big crowd could be dangerous.

"If you have to draw a firearm to defend yourself or someone else and you're in a large crowd, you never know who else might get hurt." Ostby said.

The WSU athletic department is going to foot the bill at its campus -- hiring the armed guards and buying 18 to 20 metal detectors. The metal detectors are estimated to cost $3,600 each.

KSU officials say they'll buy 70 metal detectors. KU hasn't said how many metal detectors it will buy.

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