Baby gorillas at Sedgwick County Zoo a big hit

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The Sedgwick County Zoo has a new gorilla family, this after two of the females in the exhibit give birth.

One of the gorillas gave birth to a girl about eight months ago and more recently, the other female gorilla gave birth to another girl just two months ago.

“We are very excited! They are a first-time family, first time moms and dads and everything is going perfectly,” said Danielle Decker, Senior Keeper of Downing Gorilla Forest and Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat.

Decker says it’s the first experience the zoo has had with baby gorillas and it is a learning experience, but the daily routines seem to be going smoothly.

“Its just a lot of firsts,” Decker said.

Throughout the exhibit, people were bustling over the newest baby.

“That’s so adorable,” said one schoolgirl. “Look at the baby gorilla” cheered another school-aged boy.

Staff at the zoo are excited to see the babies grow up and how the moms act maternally.

“Each of the females are going to have their own maternal styles. Gorilla moms have to learn how to be moms from their moms or their aunts in the groups.” Decker said.

The newest baby is named C.C. and her mom is Kigali. The older baby is named Alika and her mom is Barika. 

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