Tool theft slows Hutchinson's Interfaith Housing Services

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A Hutchinson non-profit which helps low income with housing needs is hindered by thieves.

Volunteers from across the country have come to Hutchinson to help Interfaith Housing Services in their mission to help low income people with their housing needs. But a thief or thieves broke into the Interfaith's tool trailer and stole their newest and best cordless power tools.

Project Coordinator Jeff Thomson says "The majority of the more expensive tools were up in these bins, the air guns, the framing nailers, the roofing nailers, the stuff that's taken us awhile to accumulate."

But the thieves left the tools they evidently didn't think were worth much, Thomson said.   "We still have most of the hand-me-down stuff they really didn't show much interest in, the corded equipment. You can see we have a circular saw here."

Thomson said the tool trailer is locked up and parked inside their fenced lot. Thieves still got inside.  

Thomson said it will delay their work. "I've got seven wheelchair ramps lined up that people need built right now and this is taking away from that."  

He said insurance will help them recover some what.  But Thomson hopes donors will help with a security system which might deter future thefts.  He said, "Everybody wants to pay for grandma's wheelchair ramp, but nobody wants to give money to non-profits for things like security systems."

He encourages anyone with any knowledge of the theft or notices someone suddenly with a lot of newer cordless tools to call Hutchinson police or Interfaith Housing Services in Hutchinson.

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