Scammers stealing Wichitans' tax refunds

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Three police reports have been filed in Wichita in the past several days after identity thieves steal peoples refunds.

Tax filing experts at Liberty Income Tax Service say the process of stealing someone’s income tax refund is simple. The identity thief only needs a social security number and address.

“It will be someone that usually doesn't expect a return and so it doesn't get caught in the system,” said Myron Ackerman at Liberty Income Tax Service.

Ackerman said it can take months to get the fraud fixed and the person their tax refund back. One of the reasons is, once the IRS is aware of identity theft, Ackerman says it demands documents on paper, no email copies.

"We will file all the paperwork, you will come out alright but its going to take awhile,” Ackerman said.

The IRS will issue a special security code to prevent future cases of scammers stealing someone’s refund. The code changes every year and Ackerman says its is nearly impossible to steal a refund after that. 

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