K-State student surprised with soda fountain

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Photo: Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Dr Pepper Photo: Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Dr Pepper

After a K-State student took to Twitter to profess her love for her favorite carbonated beverage, the company that makes the stuff decided to surprise her with a unique gift. 

Though K-State senior Claire Daniels didn't know it at the time, that was the tweet that got the wheels in motion.

Dr. Pepper caught wind of the tweet and decided to make it happen as part of company social media campaign. 

“We were really inspired by her love of the brand and wanted to have a fun twist on what exactly that means for her," Lyndsay Loomer, associate brand manager of Dr Pepper told The Collegian -- the student-operated newspaper at K-State. 

When Daniels arrived outside her home Thursday she was greeted with a blindfold. The fizzing surprise awaited -- and was eventually revealed. 

Unfortunately the Dr. Pepper used in the fountain had to be watered-down and wasn't much good for drinking. So the company decided to make up for it with 1,200 cans of Dr. Pepper free of charge. 

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