Family in shock after teenager allegedly shot by father

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The family of a Wichita teenager is in disbelief that the boy’s father allegedly fired a gun, striking and killing the teen.

Family members identify the 17-year-old victim as Michael Farrow. Farrow was allegedly shot Sunday night while running away from his dad after a fight.

“Someone always brings a gun. And to find out that his dad did... I was ‘Oh, can't be any worse, there is no way this can possibly be worse.’ Then to find out that he was running away... he shot him in the back and he was running for his life,” Amanda Stoll, Farrow’s stepmother, said Monday.

Stoll says she helped raise Farrow for more than 12 years. His death is hurting her, as well as several of his brothers and sisters. Farrow’s biological mother is said to be flying to Kansas from Florida.

"I don't know how to cope with the fact that the man that I loved and married and had children with killed one of our kids,” Stoll said, noting her young children still cannot fully understand what happened.

Police say the suspect, Glen Farrow, is booked in jail on a second-degree murder count. He was held Monday night on a $150,000 bond.

Specific details on what led up to the shooting are unclear, but Stoll said the fight happened because of a disagreement between Glen and Michael Farrow over the teenager's school. 

"I knew Glen was violent," Stoll said, "but it has always been towards complete strangers, or the female he was involved with.” She added that Glen Farrow was violent to her in their relationship, saying that she filed restraining orders against him.

Questions now circle in Stoll’s mind of what she could have done to prevent a child she didn’t birth, but considered her son, from dying.

“When something like this happens, the natural response is, ‘What if?” she admitted.

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