Search warrant executed in Rice Co. missing person case

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The Rice County Sheriff's office says a search warrant has been executed in the case of a woman missing from the area since 2015. 

Undersheriff Chad Murphy says search warrant was conducted in part of the ongoing investigation by the Sheriff's Office and the KBI into disappearance of Megan Foglesong. 

Both organizations are following all leads that have come to their attention in the case. 

Audrey Tommer, who lives across from the house in question, says multiple law enforcement agencies were searching for hours. She said, "there were cops blocking off both ends of the street. A crime scene unit in front of the house. There were people everywhere."

KAKE News reached out to Foglesong's stepmother, Dawn, who says she is aware of the search warrant and anxious for more answers. She said, "the only thing I care about right now is just finding her, no matter what has happened. Just so we know and we aren't spending the rest of our lives wondering what happened."

Search for missing Kansas woman continues

At this time, no arrest has been made nor criminal charges filed regarding the disappearance of Foglesong. 

The Sheriff's Office asks anyone with knowledge or information regarding the disappearance of Foglesong contact the Rice County Sheriff's Office at (620) 257-7876

Friends and family have created a Facebook Page "Bring Megan Home" dedicated to finding her. 

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