Wins for Kansas: Wichita Cancer Foundation

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It's tough enough battling cancer. But what happens if you cant pay your bills?

A non-profit group in KAKEland is helping cancer patients when they need it the most. The Wichita Cancer Foundation launched only last year, and coordinator Meghan Doyle says they've hit the ground running.

"In 2016, we helped a total of 52 patients," Doyle said. Those patients were diagnosed with cancer, and during treatment were unable to pay for their insurance premiums or co-pays. "Our help to them is to pay their insurance premium so they can continue their cancer treatment."

That can be expensive. It's why our Wins for Kansas partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers provided a $500 grant to join in the fight against cancer.

Unfortunately, board member Laura Monahan says the demand for help is growing.  "Our numbers have probably exceeded our expectations for how many people have applied," she said.

Monahan adds without the help, people sometimes make the choice to not pursue medical treatment. An option the Wichita Cancer Foundation hopes to eliminate.

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