Wichita cyclist finds fishing line across bike trail

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Kenneth Davis is fan of cycling throughout Wichita. He was enjoying a bike ride at the Sedgwick County Park when something caught his attention. His bike ride almost turned dangerous.

Davis said, "It looked like it was almost spider web, like that we see on the trails a lot. It wasn't. It ended up being fishing line.I slammed on the brakes of my bicycle."

Says he's lucky he didn't run into it, the fishing line could have cut his throat.

"It came from the top of these poles and it tied off to one of the tree limbs over here. It could have really hurt somebody."

The cycling community is tight knit in Wichita. Once Davis posted on Facebook what he found the news spread quickly.

Founder of Bike Walk Wichita, Barry Carroll, is shocked someone could have intentionally set out a trap.

He said, “This was disturbing.”

Carroll visits the park often, he hopes this doesn't scare people from enjoying the trails. 

“I went out on a ride out here today and didn't see anything. I'm hoping this is a one-time event.”

Owner of Apostle Bikeworks, Mark Moerner, says he's always felt safe cycling.

He said, “I’ve ridden out there thousands of times and I've never encountered anything like that before.”

Davis is just warning cyclists or runners to be cautious of your surroundings, "it's disappointing, it's malicious. I just hope that this is a one time incident."

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