Kansas boy's brain tumor inoperable, father says

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June 2015 - Josh Marshall gets a tattoo on his head to match his son's surgery scar. June 2015 - Josh Marshall gets a tattoo on his head to match his son's surgery scar.
Facebook/Prayers For Gabe Facebook/Prayers For Gabe

One of the bravest boys we know lives in Hutchinson, Kansas. He's been battling brain cancer for nearly two years. But this week he and his family received devastating news that the boy's tumor is inoperable. 

Gabe Marshall was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called anaplastic astrocytoma in March of 2015. 

The 8-year-old and his father, Josh, gained national attention earlier this year for the dad's effort to mitigate his son’s insecurity after a cancer surgery: a tattoo matching Gabe's scar.

Now, six months later, Gabe's brain cancer is back.

Gabe's family met with a neurosurgeon from Children's Mercy in Kansas City this week, and they were told that the boy's brain tumor is inoperable. Gabe's father fought back tears as he gave an update on the boy's condition in a Facebook video posted on Monday

"Things didn't go as good as we wanted in his last MRI," Josh Marshall said. "He (the surgeon) said surgery is out of the option because of where the tumor is located."

Josh said Gabe's tumor is at the center of his brain, in an area that keeps him conscious and controls motor function on the left side of his body. Surgery could be life threatening. 

Josh said the surgeon discussed the option of a biopsy to learn more about the cancer to formulate a "better chemotherapy option."

"Right now we're just trying to remain as strong as we possibly can and trying to enjoy the holidays the best that we possibly can," Josh said. "Today (Monday) was like being punched in the gut all over again."

Perhaps our community could share the story of Gabe and his family. We all may not know the fear and helplessness they feel, but we also may not know the strength in their hearts. 

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