Wichita man arrested for making dozens of false 911 calls

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A Wichita man was arrested on charges of making a false police report. Police responded to a burglary call only to find out it never happened. Neighbors say false reports can impact their safety.

On Tuesday, police received a call that a burglary was in progress and the burglar had a gun in a home in the 200 block of north Old Manor Road. When police got to the address they say 29-year-old Omar Cain was working on the roof. According to police he had called them, but the burglary never happened. Lonnie Waliczek has lived in neighborhood for 13 years and never seen anything like this.

"It doesn't upset me that the guy is making those phone calls. What does upset me is that there are police officers here, as there were three squad cars here yesterday, and I'm sure they'd have other things they'd rather be doing than wasting their time," Waliczek said.

Police did some digging and say Cain called 911 54 times since September 1 making false police reports. Wichita Police Sargent Nikki Woodrow says fake reports puts the community at risk.

"For a burglary in progress or a serious part one crime, would be at least two officers and a supervisor, probably more. So then when you have weapons involved, you know anybody in the area that's not on a call will respond to that location.  So you have ... up to 10 that you are taking away from other calls and other places around town that they could be patrolling at," Woodrow said.

Wichita police say they do not know why Cain made the calls. For now Cain is charged with a misdemeanor. Waliczek agrees that faking out police puts the community's safety at risk.  

"If you are tying up officers time when something could be happening elsewhere, yeah of course that poses a safety risk." 

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A Wichita man is in jail after police say he's made more than 50 false 911 calls over the last few months. 

"Fifty-four times," said Sgt. Nikki Woodrow of the Wichita Police Department. "That's something serious, because that's 54 times dispatchers could have been on the phone with someone else for something serious." 

His latest alleged prank happened Tuesday afternoon in the 200 block of N Old Manor. That's where arriving police saw a man sitting on top of the roof of a house nearby. 

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Wichita man arrested for calling 911 hundreds of times in 9 days

Police determined that was the person who called in a burglary, telling police the suspect had a gun inside of a house, but no evidence of a crime could be found anywhere in the area. Upon further investigation police found Omar Cain -- the man who called in the phony crime -- had called 911 more than dozens of times since September. 

"Especially for a burglary in progress," Woodrow said. "You have at least two officers and a supervisor responding if not more. Especially if you mention weapons or anything like that. We take calls like this very seriously, and then to find out that they are false, it takes away from the man-power on the street."

Cain was arrested and booked into jail for making a false police report. Police say they are still trying to figure out just what would compel someone to make such a large number of phony 911 calls.

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