Popular shoe store opening in Wichita

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The Designer Shoe Warehouse finally has a store in Wichita.

The chain sells shoes for all ages and genders, specializing in high-end shoes for what the company calls a low price.

"We have been wanting to get into this market for a very long time, and we are excited that we are finally going to be able to open our doors," Christine Beckley, general manager for DSW stores in the region, said Wednesday. 

The store on Greenwich near K-96 opens at 10:00 a.m. Thursday. There is the expectation that people will get up early and get in line to be the first to enter the store. 

Shoppers said they are excited for the store opening. "Women love shoes," one said. 

Another said she likes to shoe-shop because they are the simplest accessory for women. "You don't have to have it cut off, shortened, or made bigger or anything else. You just wear them," she said. 

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