Wichita teachers union calls for teachers to 'work the contract' Monday

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The United Teachers of Wichita is calling for all teachers to work only the terms of the contract, Monday, September 26th.   The union is in contract negotiations with USD 259. 

In a social media post, UTW wrote, "If teachers ONLY did what was absolutely required, schools would fold..."

The "contract day" specifics include arriving ten minutes before classes start,  taking on no duties during a 40-minute lunch period and leaving school ten minutes after school ends.  Teachers are also being asked to walk in together Monday morning. 

Teachers were also asked to meet at North High School Monday prior to the Board of Education meeting.  

Social Media post from United Teachers of Wichita;  

For the first time in 259 history, UTW is calling for all teachers, in a show of unity, to work to the contract on Monday, September 26th.

Because of the complexities we have broken the day down to just three items specifically:
    Arrival time
    Lunch time
    Departure time

The specifics are:

Arrival time is 10 minutes before school starts.  So if your school starts at 8:00am, then you must be there by 7:50.  For 9:00 schools the report time would be 8:50.

Lunch is 40 minutes, duty free.  That means you cannot be assigned anything during those 40 minutes.

Departure time is 10 minutes after the school day ends.  If school is over at 3:40, then you leave at 3:50.  If your schoold ay ends at 4:40, then you leave at 4:50.

For this one day... we are asking all teachers to meet and walk in together in the AM, take all 40 minutes you are guaranteed in the contract for lunch... and 10 minutes after the dismissal bell rings, you turn off the light, close the door, grab your briefcase/purse, etc. and walk out to your vehicle and go home!

One day... ONE DAY.

Our purpose is to illustrate what you already know: If teachers ONLY did what was absolutely required, schools would fold... despite all the talk of support, actions dictate otherwise.  Every day, year after year, one more item has been placed on your plate without anything being removed... it has to stop.  This isn't about money... it IS about being treated like a professional!

Help us help the profession... the current pace of work asked of teachers cannot continue.  It is not sustainable.  All we are asking is to for one day, eat breakfast with your family... lunch with a colleague, and go home in time to spend a real evening with your loved ones.  For ONE day... you have a life.  Go for a walk in the evening.  Read a book to your kids.  Breathe.

UTW also requests that all teachers plan on being in the North High parking lot prior to the BOE meeting on Monday night.  Clog the lot and clog the halls!  Let the board know you are "full up."  Ask 3 friends, members or not to go with you!  Nothing speaks louder than numbers.

It is time... it is beyond time.
Have YOU had enough yet??