Local Marine offers weapons training

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Daniel Shaw is a retired active duty Marine. These days, though, he spends most of his time training civilians on proper rifle and hand gun technique and self defense. That is, when the military isn't asking for his expertise.

Shaw was recently asked to train the Marines that protect the President of the United States.

"They contacted me and said, hey we see what you're doing, and it's something we want to do for our guys that are tasked with guarding the president of the United States, and it doesn't get any better than that right?" Shaw said.

He recently spent a week in Thurmont, MD training more than 70 Marines.

"We went back to basics, to all fundamentals - rifle and hand gun. Manipulation, accuracy..."

The best part about the training? It's the same class that any person can take from Shaw - right here in Wichita.

"I believe it's one of the best carbine and hand gun classes that are in this country," he said. "And there's a lot of folks that are believing that and they're asking us to come train them."

Shaw's newest plan is to offer free classes for local law enforcement through a law enforcement scholarship program. Something Park City police chief Phil Bostian is excited about.

"It's not often that law enforcement officers have the opportunity to go through training of someone that has that kind of ability as an instructor," Chief Bostian said. "So being able to send officers through a program like that would certainly contribute to our safety and allow us to serve the community better."

Members of the community can sponsor an officer by covering the cost of a class.

Michael Robinson is a member at Thunderbird Firearms Academy. He says this training would be huge for local police.

"I would love our law enforcement officers to have access to this training or any training if that's what it took to make them better," Robinson said.

Shaw hopes that lots of law enforcement officers will take advantage of this training opportunity.

"I want every law enforcement officer to have that," Shaw said. "It is a scary time for law enforcement officers and I want them to have better training if they encounter some problems like we've been seeing here lately, and I'm gonna give that to them for free."