Citizens beam with pride, Wichita celebrates birthday

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The City of Wichita turned 146 years young Thursday. Over the years the city has won over a lot of loyal residents. If you want proof just take a look around. One symbol in particular of Wichitans' pride can be seen flapping in the wind, on cars, mugs and t-shirts in ever increasing fashion.  

"It's had this resurgence in the last couple of years and i see it people are flying it outside their houses," said Wichitan Teresa Veazey.

KAKE's Monica Castro caught up with one of several local shops specializing in marketing that pride through the city's flag. 

The Work Room, 150 N Cleveland, is just one of the places to get your flag swag -- including the famous flag t-shirt.

"Anything with the flag we cannot keep in stock," said owner Janelle King. "It just flies off the shelf." 

 King Hopes the ICT pride movement continues beyond the city.

"It's going to be a symbol that no matter where you go people are going to know it's Wichita, Kansas," she said.

In Old Town,  Lucinda's owner Ryan Reimers says they've expanded their inventory to meet the popularity. 

"It makes me very happy seeing people wearing it and being proud of their community," Reimers said. 

The flag was chosen through a design contest in 1937. The blue disc represents happiness and contentment. The rays are the path to freedom. 

But many say this flag has another more powerful meaning.

"It represents home," Reimers said. "Literally and figuratively the hogan is the Indian symbol for home, permanent home." 

Wichitans are hoping this movement is here to stay. 

"I love seeing the flag because it gives me pride in my city," Veazey said. "I choose to move here and I love Wichita."