Wins for Kansas: Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center

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Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center

In a barn in Goddard, we watched something extraordinary happen for an eight-year-old girl who has to put in a lot of effort simply to crawl a couple of feet. Trinity Stratton hurredly took seven steps all on her own. 

"Trinity has come a long ways, Kori Turney said, "and a lot of that is due to her determination."

Turney is an occupational therapist, who directs Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center. That's where Stratton couldn't wait to get on Copper, her therapy horse. 

"The horse has helped loosen up her pelvis muscles and get reciprocal movement through her hips," Turney explained. She added the horse allows Stratton "to do things like crawl across the mat and take steps."

Stratton has been coming to Prairie Meadows since she was two. Licensed occupational and physical therapists at the non-profit use horses to help kids achieve different goals. One goal for Stratton was to walk. 

A $500 grant from DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers will go towards a scholarship to help another child like Stratton.

"She was... barely sitting up on her own when we first started working together," Turney said. "And look at her now."