Three rescued after car swept off road

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A vehicle swept off a roadway late Saturday night in east Wichita, but emergency crews helped rescue two adults and a child inside.

Authorities say they found a vehicle partially in a creek around 12:00 midnight at 47th and South Greenwich. The people inside weren't able to get the doors open, and the waters started to rush around them.

Sgt. Lanon Thompson with the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department says if it weren't for one thing, the situation could have been much worse. "There was a piped fence that kept the vehicle out of the creek. If it wouldn't have been for the piped fence, the fire department was concerned that the vehicle may have been swept down the creek and may have been fully submerged."

One of the two adults was able to get out of the vehicle on their own. Firefighters were able to save the other adult and child.

The Sheriff's Office suggests if you can't see the roadway, don't drive through the water