Navy ship named 'USS Wichita'

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The USS Wichita will be one of the newest ships in the U.S. Navy. 

There will only be a limited number of LCSs or Littoral Combat Ships.

At the Wichita Art Museum, the ship was crested. The crest represents Wichita, having the Wichita flag, wheat and a buffalo head with feathers. 

"We are hoping that the people of Wichita feel that the USS Wichita is going to be their ship too and that they take part in all the milestones of this ships life," said Commander Shockey Snyder of the U.S. Navy.  

Over 100 people attended a ceremony cresting the ship at the Wichita Art Museum, some of them being veterans of the Navy. Mayor Jeff Longwell was also on hand to speak at the cresting. 

"It's unusual for the people out here in the middle of the United States, where there is no real large bodies of water, to have this honor," laughed 96-year-old Tom Small, a former navy man and veteran of World War II and the Korean war. 

The ship should be ready for use by the fall of 2017.