What SCOTUS ruling means for Kansas abortion clinics

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The landmark ruling Monday on abortion by the United States Supreme Court could eventually pave the way for more clinics in Kansas.

 In a 5-3 decision, he high court struck down abortion clinic regulations in Texas that share aspects of a Kansas law currently in limbo in Shawnee County Court.  The court ruled that holding clinics to the same standards as surgical centers and requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles were not needed to protect women's health.

 "This one is ridiculous," said David Gittrich of Kansas for Life, a pro life advocacy organization. "I guess (Supreme Court Justices) don't really care about the standards for medical care and they don't care about the women who are getting those standards either," added Gittrich.

 The ruling is a setback for groups like Kansans for Life because the ruling could influence the Shawnee County court's decision on whether clinics in Kansas need an Ambulatory Surgery Center License.

 "This is definitely a hopeful and joyous moment for us," said Julie Burkhart, CEO of Trust Women South Wind Women's Center.
 Wichita's Trust Women South Wind Women's Center is one of three abortion clinics left in Kansas.

 "It's not an abstract exercise.  It's something that effects people here in this state," said Burkhart.

 There are many layers to the Kansas abortion laws being challenged and we'll have to wait to find out how Monday's ruling shapes the rules for clinics here.