Client Testimonials

    “This is my first and hopefully my last workers compensation claim but if the need ever arises again I will call Mr. Riedmiller for help.”

“I liked the service and quick action I figured it would take a lot longer.”

“I was very impressed when I walked in the front door, I thought it was going to be like a doctor’s office but it was very professional 2 thumbs up.”

“Mr. Riedmiller and his staff get the job done.”

Ricky Jenkins


    “The services that I received greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“Your staff always knew the status of what was occurring with each phone call.”

“I always understood what the people were telling me as answers.”

Robert E. McKee


    “Always very friendly, very helpful and always got me answers in a timely manner.”

“I am very pleased with the services I received.”

“Thanks for always working with me and my transportation issues.”

Joseph Redd


    “Everything went well even when I called over and over they answered all my questions.”

“I would recommend your office because you really know what you are doing and you never lost.”

Stanna O’Brien


    “My attorney’s performance and explanation of what was going on was much more than what I expected.”

“You get a copy of every paper sent or received about your case and you know exactly what is going on without picking up a phone.”

“I never felt just like a client to you. You guys went out of your way to take my feelings and lack of knowledge into consideration with patience.”

“Thank you guys so much, all of you have been extremely patient with me and were able to explain things so I knew what decision was the best for me.”

Angelica K. Emley


    “Everything was very precise. The staff was very courteous and helpful. Roger is very knowledgeable and tells you up front what he can and cannot do for you.”

“Roger is the most up front attorney I have met. Rogers staff is always there to help and very nice.”

Christina R. Quigg


    “Everything was done when you said it would be done.”

“You said you could help me and you did.”

Vivian French


     “I thought this would take forever but it was painless and easy, you did all the work.”

“You rock”

Lyndsey Anderson


    “I’m well satisfied with each of you in the office.”

“I felt that you cared for me in my situation.”

“Continue as you are doing and if your staff along with Roger is ever needed again I’ll call upon your services.”

Lawrence Jordan


    “The services I received were real good.”

“Everything that took place was mailed to me in a timely manner. I knew what was going on all the time.”

“I really enjoyed my experience with the law firm and got really good service, job well done.”

Billy J. Yates


    “Great service”

“All of your services are perfect the way they are.”

“I will recommend your office to anyone in need.”

“You guys are awesome thank you so much.”

Harold Riggs


    “All matters were handled in a timely and professional manner.”

“The services provided by the law office of Roger Riedmiller made it possible for me to receive medical treatment.”

“I am well pleased with the services received from Mr. Riedmiller and his assistants, without his expertise the insurance company would never have delivered on coverage for medical services on any damages.”

“Very satisfied client”

Demitry Evancho


    “Roger and his staff have seen me through some very hard times over these last few years. Someone was always there to help me when things got tough. My phone calls were always returned and you saw to it that I got the medical care I was entitled to. I have learned that you can not fight an insurance company alone and without you guys I have no idea what would have happened to me.”

“I felt very secure with you because you’re a small practice and Roger isn’t practicing 100 different kinds of law. This seems to be where his heart is and I have to add that Audri is wonderful, she has never let me down when it came to answering a question or solving a problem.”

“I can’t put into words how much I appreciate, thank and support each and every one of you. I will recommend you forever to anyone.”

Karen Brown


    “Staff is extremely knowledgeable and polite.”

“I always pass your name along to others when the occasion arises.”

Wyatt E. Fowler


    “All staff was very kind and helpful.”

“I like the way I was always treated courteously.”

“I would recommend your office because of the way in which I was treated and had everything explained to me.”

Gloria J. Forsythe


    “Honest and sincere”

“I fell that this office is very dedicated to their clients.”

Mistina L. Knight


    “Tammy has always done a great job at her desk! Also, Audri is a great legal assistant. Thank you both.”

Steve Cranston


    “Services were great”

“I thought they were very helpful and did thing in a very timely manner.”

“Everything was great”

“Things were done the way they said they would be, very helpful.”

“Thank you for your help.”

Steven Gross


    “Very good people”

“Office and services were great.”

“Very helpful’

Robert Sanchez


    “Great customer service”

“Handles cases in a great timely manner”

“Suzie and Tammy provided great extra help.”

Rebecca Spencer


    “You guys were great”

“Very good service, I felt very confident in your firm.”

“I would recommend your office to other people.”

“Great experience, everyone was very nice, knowledgeable and professional.”

Cavon Cockrum


    “I have used the firm before and came back. I have recommended several people to use Roger and the main reason would be TRUST. I believe Roger and Suzie do a great job.”

“I would like to thank Roger and Suzie for their hard work and patience with the handling of my cases in this very drug out process.”

Michael Smith


    “Someone was always available to speak with.”

“I would recommend your office because you are knowledgeable about the work comp in the State of Kansas.”

Keri Fiebiger

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