Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, whether you were hit by a car or hurt because of a separated truck tire in the road, it is important to consult an experienced injury attorney right away.

Even with a helmet, a bicycle rider is vulnerable.  The drivers of faster, heavier vehicles on the road frequently fail to see the bicycle behind and turn suddenly, causing a collision.

At an intersection between the road and the bike lane, bike riders may be almost invisible to trucks and cars.  Even when bicycle is seen by the other driver, the larger car may not yield the right-of-way.  Drivers may open the door of a parked car into the path of an oncoming bicycle.

Such incidents can cause head and brain injuries, scarring and broken bones.  Severe bike accident injuries can result in quadriplegia or even death.

Pedestrian Accidents

People injured while walking, jogging or running along the road usually have the right-of-way.  Pedestrian accidents can result in very severe injuries, such as organ damage, broken bones, head and brain injuries, skin damage and scarring and even death.

Like biking accident injuries, the severity of a pedestrian accident is the result of an unprotected individual being struck by a much larger and faster object.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help

When helping a client injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, my legal team will document the incident thoroughly.  We visit the scene and establish precisely where the victim was at the time of impact and that the automobile driver was liable.

We will review the police report to determine the speed the vehicle was traveling and, if needed, consult with accident reconstruction experts to clarify issues arising from the police report.

Additionally, my legal team will also consult with experts to establish the impact of your injuries on your future.

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