Occupational Diseases

If you have an occupational illness, Kansas Workers' Comp laws provide for medical treatment and replacement of your lost income.

An occupational illness is one common among workers in specific occupations.  Examples of this are asbestosis among asbestos workers, carpal tunnel syndrome in computer operators or black lung disease among miners.

Because many of these illnesses take many years to develop, the deadlines that exist for Workers' Compensation Injury claims do not apply for occupational illness claims.

If you believe you are suffering from an occupational illness, consult an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to learn about your options.

At my law offices, my legal team and I have more than 21 years experience helping workers obtain benefits.

Occupational Illness

My occupational illness clients have included agricultural employees, airplane industry employees and plastics factory workers.  Many of them have suffered from illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals, sealants and cleaners, mold and pesticides.

Chronic asthma, cancers, chronic bronchitis, various lung problems, pulmonary obstructive disease (POD) and restrictive airway disease are frequent consequences of constant exposure to airborne substances in the workplace.

How a Workers' Comp Attorney Can Help

Because it frequently develops over many years, occupational illness is often difficult to prove.  It is critical to have expert medical advice to sort out all the factors involved in the onset of these illnesses.

Such experts know how to use and interpret specialized tests, such as the lung capacity test, which is both a diagnostic tool and allows for documentation of disability caused by the illness.

At my law firm, I consult with a large network of medical specialists who can provide expert treatment and document the occupational illness, strengthening the workers' compensation claim.

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