Your Rights In An Automobile Accident

You have the following rights under the law and we are here to help you get them:

  • To have your automobile repaired or an amount paid to you for the fair market value of your damaged vehicle;
  • To receive a rental car from your own insurance company (with the appropriate policy) free of charge to drive until the property damage portion of your claim is settled;
  • To receive compensation for your lost earnings or lost earning capacity;
  • To a fair and reasonable payment for property lost or destroyed in a collision;
  • To receive the very best medical care available, and to choose your own doctors and types of doctors, including chiropractors, physical medicine doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, etc.;
  • To be paid for any emotional stress of physical stress or inconveniences, or any other stresses caused by the accident;
  • To a fair settlement for any permanent damages or disabilities which may have resulted from the collision;
  • To be paid for you pain and suffering caused by your injuries from the collision;
  • To receive a fair and prompt settlement from the insurance company or defendant where fault is reasonably clear;
  • To expect to be treated with respect by the insurance companies and their representatives;
  • To be represented at every stage of your claim by an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure you are protected and to advocate for you, the victim.

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