Special Olympics in Wichita highlight human perseverance

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The Special Olympics brought out around 1,600 athletes and thousands of family members to Cessna Stadium. 

The participants had mental or physical disabilities could limit them from playing traditional sports. 

"I have a great time and, well, I'm really happy for it," said Brandi Bruce, a participant at the games. 

She and her family came to the games. Her step-brother also participated and won a gold medal.  

"It's a lot of family time, and you also go away learning something new," said parent Chris Weiser. 

This was the 35th year of the torch running. The torch running was an original idea of the Wichita Police Department that has now spread across the world. Police us the torch running to help raise money for the event. This year, law enforcement raised over $540,000 for the games. 

"We are proud to say in Kansas and specifically Wichita, that we were first to carry the torch. There are torch runs all across the world, but we are first to carry the torch," said Officer David Nienstedt of the Wichita Police Department.