Wins for Kansas: Laughing Feet Performers


Laughing Feet Performers is a special needs theatre company.

"I love that I get to dance and sing all the time," says one of the kids in a promotional video on the non-profit's website.

The non-profit's mission is to inspire relationships and provide opportunities children with special needs may not have otherwise had.

"They come to rehearsal (and) they're the majority." says Executive Director Jenny Mitchell. "Everybody in that room is just like them. Which is incredible, because they feel at home immediately."

The DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers recently donated $500 to Laughing Feet Performers. The money will be used so kids can perform for free.

"Every penny is so precious to us. We don't charge the participants anything to participant. So all of our grants, sponsorship go directly back into the program to pay for the kids to participate, so they don't have to pay anything out of pocket," says Mitchell.