Wins for Kansas: Crossover Recovery Center


When drug addicts chose to seek recovery there's often a gap before they can start treatment, a window where they can fall back into using. There's a Wichita non-profit to bridge that gap in an attempt break the cycle of addition.

Jennifer Brady is one of many former addicts who sought help at Crossover Recovery Center and is now a recovery coach for the non-profit.

"I watch my story walk though that door all the time," says Jennifer Brady. "I walked away from my family, I was homeless, no car, unemployable. It was a disaster."

Crossover Recovery Center helps up to 500 people a month with their road to recovery, often addicts who got hooked on pain killers and then started using heroine.

"(CRC) gave me a vision of hope for the future. There were people in here that were laughing and joking around from people who'd done something with their lives after being exactly where I was," says Brady.

This is important because it often takes six weeks before someone can get into treatment.

"I nominated (CRC) because (it) provides that gap that people have when trying to seek recovery," says John Agnew, a peer mentor who nominated the non-profit for the KAKEland Cares Wins for Kansas Grant.

To further its mission, our KAKEland Cares partner The DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers recently donated $500 to Crossover Recover Center.