Wins for Kansas: Bound Fur Life Foundation


We've all seen how crowded animal shelters can be. But what if we could help before pets are given up for adoption?

At Bound Fur Life Foundation there are piles of dog and cat food waiting for pet owners who are struggling to make ends meet.

The non-profit was started by someone who realized the need for such a program.

"I had fallen on hard times myself and I had a sick pet and I realized there was no program out there like this," said Bound Fur Life President Alina Fellows.

The point of the non-profit is to keep pets with their original owners so they aren't given up to an animal shelter. If owners meet income requirements Bound Fur Life will hand over food and even help pay for vet bills.

Right now the BFLF needs donations to help with vet assistance and for any $10 donation it will give donors a free blanket or donate it to a local shelter.

KAKEland and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers recently awarded Found Fur Life Foundation a $500 grant which will be used to pay for vet assistance.

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