Earthquakes cause $100,000 damage in Wichita

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Oklahoma earthquakes are causing tens of thousands of dollars damage in Wichita, city officials said today.

Earthquakes in Woods County, Oklahoma--120 miles away--caused the damage on January 6th.

The quakes broke ten water mains, most notably an eight inch pipe that caused a sinkhole at Douglas and Waterman which wasn't discovered until five days after the earthquakes.

Damage also includes:

* Foundation and drywall damage at two police substations, two park centers and the Mid America All Indian Center * Floor damage at Alford Library * Brick damage to the Park Villa bathrooms

The city says it will cost $100,000 to fix it all.

"Some of those are serious enough and perhaps related to structural integrity that they are being fixed as we speak. Some of those are more cosmetic and we'll prioritize them and sometime in the future we'll fix those", said Public Works Director Alan King.

The city does have earthquake insurance but the cost to repair the damage doesn't meet the city's $250,000 deductible.