Family friend continues search for missing boy

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It was a quiet today at Gypsum Creek, not like it was over the past few days. 

That's where we caught up with John Smith. He's  walked the banks searching for eleven year old Devon Cooley every day. Smith says he has no plans of giving up. 

"I've been out here since day one. The family is beside themselves. It's not gonna get any easier until we can bring him home."

Bad conditions did force search crews to postpone their full-scale search. Battalion Chief Sid Newby was one of those looking for the child.

"We're checking it twice a day, walking the whole canal. Checking our reference point and we're staying in touch with the administration and also the rescue team to see if at some point they want to bring out additional units like the K-9 units, or have another fly over."

Cooley fell into the rain swollen creek Friday night. He's not been seen since. 

No matter what, Smith says he'll keep searching until someone brings Cooley home.  

"Rest will come when I find him and when we bring him home and put him to rest. There will be plenty of time for rest later."