Wins for Kansas: Agape Care Cradle

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The unexpected loss of a child before birth will turn the parents world upside down, but there's help right here in KAKEland. 

Agape Care Cradle is able to guide families through the process. 

"They may have just registered for all the baby goods at the baby store now they have to choose a funeral home," says the non-profit's director Amy Stevens. 

It's a cause Stevens cares deeply about and in the last two years has helped 80 families. 

The non-profit will donate a casket or urn and a keepsake and even money to a grieving family. 

But for Christina Peak what helped her the most was the emotional support from Amy. 

"Words can't express how much I've come to love her and thank her for what she's done for our family," said Peak. 

To help the mission of Agape Care Cradle, our partners the DeVaugn James Injury Lawyers recently donated $500.