Wins for Kansas: MakeICT

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"Make-ICT" may sound like something you prepare to drink on a warm summer day. But it's a non-profit which is making things happen in Wichita.

MakeICT has settled into its new 8,700 square foot space on Douglas Avenue, called MakerSpace.

"MakerSpace is kind of like a health club," President Dominic Canare said. "But instead of equipment for building your body, we have equipment for building stuff.

"We've had explosive growth since we've moved into the Douglas Design District," Canare added.

Canare said membership has quadrupled since last year. Looking around the building it was easy to see why more people are joining.
For $25 a month, members have access to a wood shop, metal shop, ceramics shop, laser printers, electronics and even 3-D printing.

"Sometimes people live in an apartment or dorm room," Canare explained. "They don't have space for a table saw. Sometimes it's a financial barrier, so maybe they can't afford to have a $20,000 laser cutter. And sometimes it's knowledge. Having access to all that stuff is great, but if you don't know how to use it, it's not very useful."

And our KAKEland Cares partners, the DeVaughn James injury lawyers, recently donated $500 to MakeICT. The non-profit will use the money to maintain all the machines inside the MakerSpace.