Teams continue search for missing boy

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Crews Search Gypsum Creek For Child's Body Crews Search Gypsum Creek For Child's Body

Mark Kemp watched today as rescue crews searched for a missing 11 year old boy in Gypsum Creek.

Kemp says a similar incident happened in this exact creek 35 years ago.

"Kids were jumping off the bridge after it rained and the current took one of the kids under and they found him a couple of days later over behind Joyland," Kemp said.

Watching today's search unfold was a stark reminder of how dangerous these waters can be.

"It was heart wrenching. It made me go back to 35 plus years ago when one of our neighborhood friends passed away under the same conditions."

Wichita Fire Department Battalion Chief Scott Brown says that as the day has gone on, the search for the missing boy has expanded.

"We've expanded our search another half mile to the West, to no avail," Brown said.

Firefighters have been forced to move slowly to maneuver around obstacles scattered throughout the creek bed.

"There's just so much debris and hazardous materials in the water. We're just going to go through there one more time and make sure he isn't hung up somewhere in the creek."

With each passing hour, the search area has gotten smaller as water continued to flow downstream.

"As the day has gone on the water level keeps dropping, so as long as the rain holds off this creek keeps dropping in level and we're really gonna concentrate our efforts on this first half mile here til dark," Battalion Chief Brown said.

Search and rescue teams have been searching the creek since Friday night, but say they won't be giving up any time soon.

"Until it's not safe to do so anymore, we're gonna keep searching."