Wichita police hope Crime Stoppers reward will help catch robbers

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Wichita police hope a Crime Stoppers reward will bring in tips to solve recent food truck robberies.

Filiberto Ordaz has owned a food truck for three years. He runs it to provide extra money for his family.

"I didn't feel all that scared, but after when I realized what had happened that I began to feel really scared,"  said Ordaz.

It was around one o'clock in the morning on Sunday, May 12th, that two men came in the back of his food truck in north Wichita. Both were carrying guns.

"This one grabbed me by the shirt pushed me down to the ground," said Ordaz. "During this I felt a suspect put a gun to my head."

Wichita police say there have been three similar robberies last week.

"The suspects told the victim's they needed the money because one of their sons had cancer, and they needed to pay medical bills," said Detective Wendy Hummell.

Wichita police say  the same two suspects robbed another food truck the next night.  They then believe one of the same robbers held up a Mexican restaurant in south Wichita.

"These people were traumatized, held at gunpoint," said Hummell. "I can't imagine how scared they were."

For now, Ordaz and his fellow food truck owners are working together to stay safe in hopes these robberies stop.

The suspects are described as Hispanic. They speak both English and Spanish. Police say they were wearing black clothing and boots and had masks over their faces. In each case the robbers threatened to come back and kill them if they called police. If you have information call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.