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By: KC Chiefs Email
By: KC Chiefs Email

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OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, this is what you’ve got: As far as injuries, Sanders Commings is having surgery today on his ankle. We’ll have further information for you later. Berry had a sore ankle. It’s not an Achilles tear or anything like that, but they’re evaluating. They’re just seeing what it is. So, A.J. had a tight hamstring as did Cooper. They got a little bit of practice time in, most of practice they were a little tired. I thought overall the work was good. It was a long practice and guys came out and busted their tail to work through it. Got a lot of situations done that we needed work on, red zone included. Again, I appreciate the effort from them. They’re challenging each other and we’re getting better.”

Q: What about Mike Catapano?

REID: “Mike Catapano is sick.”

Q: What do you think about the red zone work today?

REID: “I thought there were some good things on both sides. It kind of traded back and forth. We did all one versus one, two versus two, three versus three work. I thought overall there were some good things. There are some things we need to work on for both sides.”

Q: How serious is Commings injury?

REID: “I think he’s going to be back tomorrow. No, listen, I don’t know. Shoot, we’ll see. Normally when you break a bone, it takes a while.”

Q: Did Rick have a sense of how long Berry would be out?

REID: “No, he’s evaluating it now. See how he does.”

Q: At what point do you get concerned with guys in the secondary getting injured?

REID: “It happens. It happens as you go through camp, your legs get tired. You get those camp strings, those tight hamstrings. We’ll be fine. You push through it.”

Q: Are the wide receiver jobs the jobs that can be won?

REID: “Absolutely, sure. I’ve seen some good things. I feel that out there. Play the best guys.”

Q: You have a lot of bodies there and at defensive back. How do you give them enough time to do a valid evaluation?

REID: “Just keep playing them. You see everyone’s playing out here. We give them as many reps as we can. Everybody’s going to play once we get to the first preseason game. It takes a little time. We evaluate them and play the best guys.”

Q: Do those guys sort themselves out?

REID: “Yes, as time goes on. Yeah, they will. You’re seeing it right now. One day.. one.. then another one shows. That’s how it works and then you go with who we feel are the best guys.”

Q: What about Zach Fulton?

REID: “Zach’s a tough kid. He’s young, he’s learning, but he sure is ahead of what you think a rookie would be ahead of.”

Q: Can you talk about the young offensive line?

REID: “I’d say the same thing we just talked about. The secondary, they’re working through, rotating guys in, giving everybody opportunities at different spots and then we’ll come out with the five best guys and we’re rolling.”

Q: What are you seeing out of Kyle Williams, A.J. Jenkins through seven days of camp?

REID: “I like what I see. A.J. didn’t finish practice today, but Kyle did. Did some nice things. A.J.’s been doing a consistent job which is good. He’s catching the ball well. I like what I’ve seen from both of them.”

Q: What about Sorensen?

REID: “I like that he went to BYU. He was a good, solid player in college. Smart kid, tough, comes from a family of football players. He’s the youngest of the bunch. Good, solid player. That’s what I could tell you about him.”

Q: Is that one of those players that could be drafted, then you’re surprised when he’s not?

REID: “I wasn’t sure about that at the time, if he’d get drafted or not. At that position, you can come in and be a good special teams player and a role player in the secondary. You can make somebody’s team. That’s kind of how we felt about him.”


Q: How is camp going so far?

SHERMAN: “Things are going well. We’re into our second week here. I know guys are tired and legs are getting a little heavy. We’re finding a way to finish, we’re finishing practice strong, we’re starting fast. Just keep putting our head down and chopping away day by day, period by period.”

Q: What have you seen from the offensive line?

SHERMAN: “They’ve been doing a great job. They definitely have a little bit of time to gel together. So far they’re doing a great job of handling all the fronts that our defense gives us. We’ll see a lot of fronts from them that we won’t see during the regular season. It’s good work for us and it’s good for the offensive line to get out here and gel together and know what each other is attempting to do.”

Q: Do you feel like last year was a jumping-off point offensively?

SHERMAN: “Yeah, absolutely. I think this year we’re a lot further along because it wasn’t start from square one in OTAs. We started from the basics and then we can move a lot quicker, understanding our schemes and understanding what they want from us. Camp so far is definitely a little easier because you’re not in the playbook going ‘Oh my God, what is going on,’ every single day. You’re taking steps forward at a quicker pace now than you were last year.”

Q: Are fullbacks like wide receivers, do they have to know every position in the playbook?

SHERMAN: “Yes, coach does a great job of putting any player in any situation. He always tells us that we don’t just learn one position, you learn it all because we can mix and match you guys wherever you want to go. He does a great job of installing plays and having everyone understand what you need to do. Those young receivers have been doing a great job. If you watch them at practice, they’ve been stepping up big for us.”

Q: What type of confidence does it provide for you when you can see the whole picture of what you’re supposed to do?

SHERMAN: “You play a lot faster when you know what you’re doing, that’s the biggest thing. You don’t want to think too much because then you slow down. You want to know what you’re doing and execute on a very high level.”

Q: Do you take pride in Jamaal Charles’ stats?

SHERMAN: “Absolutely. He’s one of the greatest running backs in the game right now. I think it’s just an awesome experience to be with him and watch him work on a day-to-day basis. He has one of the greatest work ethics around. He comes in day-in, day-out, it doesn’t matter if he’s making $8 million or $1 million, he comes in and works every single day with everything he has left in him.”

Q: What have you seen from Josh Martin?

SHERMAN: “He got a lot bigger and he’s playing a lot faster. Like I said, when you don’t have to think so much, you play a lot faster. You can definitely see, (Strength and Conditioning Coach Barry) Rubin did a great job this offseason with the workout program. Coach Reid gave him his time in the weight room. We really worked as a unit and tried to get better and it’s definitely looking like Josh took full advantage of that.”


Q: How’s it going? Do you think you’re getting everything you need possible that you need to get ready for the season from this camp?

HALI: “Yeah, so far we get out there and we work hard. Coach is calling the plays and we try to execute it as best we can.”

Q: Does it concern you that a lot of guys are getting injured, especially the guys behind you in the secondary?

HALI: “No, not at all. It’s part of our game. We just have to keep rolling with the guys we have here.”

Q: Can you talk about some of the offensive line you’ve gone against in one on ones? Are there any guys that stood out to you, especially the new guys?

HALI: “Yeah, I’m very impressed with number 71 on our team. He’s able to play guard, and he’s able to play tackle. He’s thrown me a couple times and I’m very impressed with him.”

Q: The offense is deciding to do what they did last year. You guys started well and didn’t finish well, what’s your goal or platform for the season?

HALI: “We’ve just got to finish, that’s really it. We’ve just got to work harder on finishing games, finishing plays. Just finishing, we weren’t able to finish well last year on the defensive side and we just have to continue to do better.”

Q: What makes a great pass rusher?

HALI: “The will to be able to lose a lot of fights and get right back up and keep doing it. A lot of guys get discouraged while rushing because they can’t win on this rush. You have to be very strong minded and constantly keep plugging away because at one point you kind of have to become a pain in that persons rear-end. But that’s what makes a good pass rusher to me; you’ve got to have will. You can have all the moves in the world but if you don’t have any will you’re not going to get there.”

Q: Sometimes you might knock them down one time and that’s a good day isn’t it?

HALI: “Yeah, you could lose all your rushes during the game and get beat up all game. But when the time presents itself and you’re able to continue to rush or he might take a play off, that’s part of pass rushing.”

Q: You, Justin Houston and Dee Ford – is that’s an exciting mix? Have you seen some interesting ways you guys will be used all at one time?

HALI: “Yeah, we have a fourth guy, Josh Martin. Putting all of us in there, we all love rushing. Coach Sutton is going to be the one to call it, and we just have to have the will and desire to come off the ball and cause havoc in the backfield.”

Q: Tamba, what kind of strides have you seen from Josh Martin?

HALI: “Yea, I’ve heard from Josh (Martin), Josh and I have worked together this entire offseason; we went out to California, we ran sand dunes; the kid is gifted. He’s very fast, very strong, and very smart. I mean, he went to Columbia. He can do it all. It’s just a matter of opportunity, and getting a chance to rush the passer, and he can prove it.”

Q: What kind of pride to you take in the fact that Josh Martin and Dee Ford both work with you and are seeing results on the field?

Hali: “That’s the future. Those guys are going to be around for quite a bit. It’s good to be able to work with them. I wish I had the speed Josh (Martin) has, and I wish I was as strong as Justin (Houston), but with the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, I’m able to pass it on to these guys, and I mean, they can run with it.”

Q: You’re not ready to pass that torch just yet though are you?

Hali: “Of course not, I love playing the game and I love playing for the Chiefs and I’ll be here as long as my body lets me.”

Q: Without over-diagnosing the end of last year, what do you think the key to being a 16 game defense is?

Hali: “We’ve got to stay healthy, that’s part of the game. As long as we stay healthy, that will help us in the long run, and we can’t feed into what everyone’s saying; that was the last time our team went 9-0 in a while so it’s overwhelming at times but just staying healthy, and just taking a game at a time, and just focusing on that will help us throughout the season.”

Q: With all of the talent our here with your pass rushing game, how excited are you guys to finally start tackling the ball?

Hali: “I’m excited; I think our guys are excited. Coach (Andy) Reid has situations out there where we tackle one another, so we’re excited to go out and have a game in a week. I mean, it’s been since January, so it’s exciting.”

Q: Do you know when you’ll go full contact here?

Hali: “We’ve gone live here. We’ve probably gone live here two or three times already.”


Q: What is it like working with the starters during training camp?

SORENSEN: “Today I think was just the rotation. Just Coach moving us around and things like that.”

Q: That is just the nature of the NFL though, right? Injuries happen and you’re moving all around.

SORENSEN: “Yeah and tomorrow I might be running with the three’s. That’s how it goes.”

Q: Are you ready for Cincinnati next week?

SORENSEN: “Yeah it is just another opportunity I feel like to familiarize yourself with playing in the NFL and playing with some of the guys out here and taking that next step from practice to the game and learning and getting that experience.”

Q: What kind of feedback have you gotten back from the coaches?

SORENSEN: “It’s really just classroom stuff. It’s really just, ‘Hey, work on this better, this kind of leverage,’ – things like that. No big picture things or anything like that. You can only focus on each play and what you can control.”

Q: How are you able to react so quickly when you are ball-hawking?

SORENSEN: “A lot of times it comes with understanding the situation and you can put yourself in a situation and make a play. And a lot of that happens pre-snap or during the snap and how you get there. There are different route combinations and things like that. So it just comes with learning and understanding and seeing it and experience and different things like that.”


Q: Was it a difficult transition going from playing against guys in Division II to NFL players last season?

KUSH: “It does a little bit but the biggest thing that I think was tougher was defenses being so much different from snap to snap, snap to snap. So you’ve really got to see what is going on with sub-packages, base defenses. There is a lot going on and the center especially has to be knowledgeable.”

Q: Do you like to see all the other small school guys in the league? Does it make you feel there were a few more eyes on you when you were in college?

KUSH: “Absolutely. I looked at guys when I was playing ball. I looked at the guard who came out of Slippery Rock (Pa.) and guys in years past who came from my school for motivation. Like, ‘Hey, these guys did it so I’m going to work my butt off and see if I can make it happen. So I hope the next batch of D-II guys see me and say, ‘I want to be just like him. I want to work hard and try to make it too.”

Q: How is it playing with Rishaw Johnson again after playing with him in college?

KUSH: “It is awesome just to see a friendly face again from years past. We had a lot of fun at Cal (Pa.) and we are having a lot of fun here. Just going out there and working hard together. It is good to have a good laugh from football and college every now and then.”

Q: What is it like working with Rodney Hudson?

KUSH: “Hudson is a tremendous leader, and he’s a heck of a player to play behind as a young guy. In my first year, he kind of took me under and helped me a lot – trying to understand the offense, understanding the defenses. He was definitely a significant part of me getting better throughout the season. That continues now. Even though I have a much better grasp of what is going on, any little questions and stuff I sit next to him in the meeting and I talk to him about it. And we talk about different techniques or what specifically to look for at different stuff. And it is really great working with him.”

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