Suspended NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield Interview - Part 1 (WSOC)

By: WSOC Email
By: WSOC Email

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July 19, 2009

Suspended NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield interview - Part 1 (WSOC)

**Interviewer is WSOC Reporter Alan Cavanna**

Verbatim: We are doing everything we can, we have done everything right...I
don't even consider the lady my step mom, never have, never will...just came
from Salisbury today with some stuff that I had an investigator on her for
a while, she knows it, she's been running and basically either her, or co-
inspired on killing my dad, shot my dad in the heart so when it comes to
that I get pretty sensitive to that.

(any truth to what she says that she saw you take methamphetamine?)

There is no truth at all and all of that will come out and this lady is...
you know it is perfect because they couldn't have got a better witness...
NASCAR did a great job, that is pretty much a low blow, especially with a
lady who is involved with killing my dad and doesn't like me not bit and
needs the money and I am sure they made a pretty hefty deal with her, that's
part of it, you Know...

(you are implying there may have been money exchanged between NASCAR and
your step mom...why would they do that?)

Why would they do that?

(Why would NASCAR do that?)

Why wouldn't they.

(I don't know...)

For one she needs money...she has tried to get money out of me several times
over my Dad's situation and is just mighty hungary and she is a gold
digger and like I said it will all come out and we will see.

(Have you used meth?)

No...and I am not going to say that anymore...I said no, no, no I have never
used methamphetamine. And if you all want to go back and look at a lady who
has come out of the wood work and think she is going to say that she is my
step mom...and it is not even know and to hear that again just
makes me want to is crazy and ridiculous and all NASCAR needs to
do is go back and check her and they would never use her as witness I
promise you.

You should do that...before anyone goes and accuses anyone of anything they
should do their own investigation.

(Why do you think two tests came back with a positive test showing meth?)

Why do you 15 shows negative?

(we haven't seen those yet?)

I know but we are going to see them which is why I haven't been able to talk
to you
We got test after test after test...I go about every two or three days to
get tested and the only that ever showed up anything is the two that Dr., I
ain't even going to call him doctor, David Black did, period. And it is all
going to once out.

(why do you think those two showed up positive then?)

You tell me...why do 15 show up negative.

(do you think NASCAR has something against you personally?)

What do you think?

(I think it would be odd if they did?)

Why wouldn't they? All this is going to come out, you'll see. And I am
telling you that and I am going to hold my head high, I am not going away. I
wouldn't be fighting this if I thought I was wrong. Right?

I will spend hundreds of thousands, probably end up million dollars fighting
this if I thought I was wrong.

(I talked to Bobby this morning and he shares your opinion)

Right, and I have got a good friend of mine sitting right her, my neighbor
who hangs out with every day. Everybody around me knows better than that. Do
I look like a meth head? Honestly....

(Judging by the pictures I have seen I don't believe so.)

right...and you need to say that because that is what it is and they come
out with these...anyway it will all come out.

(do have trouble answering the question why do you thing NASCAR is...)

No I don't have trouble, I can't answer questions like that at this time.

(When do you think you will be able to...)

When I thought I would able to I would have called you, but you showed up
here on your own.

(you know everyone is talking)

I agree, but I can only say so much, it is part of my case, part of the deal
...they have been the ones that have been running their mouth, they are the
ones that are saying all this stuff let them keep talking.

(did you ever race under the influence of a drug/)

I have never raced, even been in this car under the influence of a drug...
any car, what so ever. I will look you right in the eyes and tell you that,
look you right in the eyes and tell you that. Have you?

(No, why is this happening?)

I don't know. You tell me, because I didn't go away quietly. I didn't go
away and do what they said. Just be quiet it will all work out. That is why
it is happening.

(for some you have got to imagine hard to believe that NASCAR would go to
these lengths to indict one driver)

It probably would be hard to believe...but when it all comes you will

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