6A-5A State Wrestling Results

By: KAKE Sports Email
By: KAKE Sports Email
Results from the 6A-5A State Wrestling Meet at Hartman Arena on February 23, 2013 (provided by KansasWrestling.org) -


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6A - 106 Results

1st Place - Michael Prieto of Garden City
2nd Place - Doug Newcomb of Olathe-Northwest
3rd Place - Landon Wood of Maize
4th Place - Jacob Bonham of Gardner-Edgerton
5th Place - Desmond Martinez of Wichita-Heights
6th Place - Benny Deaton of Olathe-South

1st Place Match
Michael Prieto (Garden City) 41-2, Fr. over Doug Newcomb (Olathe-Northwest) 30-7, So. (Dec 7-0).

3rd Place Match
Landon Wood (Maize) 22-9, Fr. over Jacob Bonham (Gardner-Edgerton) 27-12, Fr. (Dec 7-2).

5th Place Match
Desmond Martinez (Wichita-Heights) 27-11, Fr. over Benny Deaton (Olathe-South) 28-20, Jr. (Pin 1:32).

6A - 113 Results

1st Place - Sean Deshazer of Wichita-Heights
2nd Place - Cody McDonald of Derby
3rd Place - Masen McCracken of Wichita-Haysville-Campus
4th Place - TJ Burger of Gardner-Edgerton
5th Place - Jaden McRoberts of Dodge City
6th Place - Jase Stone of Manhattan

1st Place Match
Sean Deshazer (Wichita-Heights) 36-0, So. over Cody McDonald (Derby) 35-8, So. (Maj 19-8).

3rd Place Match
Masen McCracken (Wichita-Haysville-Campus) 36-9, Jr. over TJ Burger (Gardner-Edgerton) 24-20, So. (Dec 6-0).

5th Place Match
Jaden McRoberts (Dodge City) 34-13, So. over Jase Stone (Manhattan) 36-8, Sr. (I-D 0:00).

6A - 120 Results

1st Place - Kevin Perez of Junction City
2nd Place - Mike Lindlar of Wichita-Northwest
3rd Place - Kian Clemens of Manhattan
4th Place - Clay Weil of Dodge City
5th Place - Armond McCray of Wichita-Heights
6th Place - Jacob Sims of Stilwell-Blue Valley

1st Place Match
Kevin Perez (Junction City) 36-5, Sr. over Mike Lindlar (Wichita-Northwest) 37-5, Sr. (OT 4-2).

3rd Place Match
Kian Clemens (Manhattan) 37-11, Jr. over Clay Weil (Dodge City) 38-10, Fr. (SV-1 5-3).

5th Place Match
Armond McCray (Wichita-Heights) 30-10, So. over Jacob Sims (Stilwell-Blue Valley) 26-13, Sr. (Dec 7-3).

6A - 126 Results

1st Place - Blake Stovall of Olathe-North
2nd Place - Brett Moon of Maize
3rd Place - Garrett Xanders of Derby
4th Place - Alec Castillo of Garden City
5th Place - Grant Hollingsworth of SM East
6th Place - Greg Jones of Wichita-Heights

1st Place Match
Blake Stovall (Olathe-North) 34-7, Fr. over Brett Moon (Maize) 42-7, Fr. (Dec 8-2).

3rd Place Match
Garrett Xanders (Derby) 32-12, Fr. over Alec Castillo (Garden City) 27-19, Fr. (Dec 7-4).

5th Place Match
Grant Hollingsworth (SM East) 33-7, Jr. over Greg Jones (Wichita-Heights) 21-13, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

6A - 132 Results

1st Place - Tevin Briscoe of Garden City
2nd Place - Dylan Beckner of Wichita-Northwest
3rd Place - Tanner Madl of Stilwell-Blue Valley
4th Place - Tanner Griffin of SM West
5th Place - Cooper Self of Topeka
6th Place - Chipper Jorns of SM East

1st Place Match
Tevin Briscoe (Garden City) 40-4, So. over Dylan Beckner (Wichita-Northwest) 36-9, Jr. (Maj 13-3).

3rd Place Match
Tanner Madl (Stilwell-Blue Valley) 35-10, Fr. over Tanner Griffin (SM West) 20-6, Sr. (Pin 1:00).

5th Place Match
Cooper Self (Topeka) 28-11, Sr. over Chipper Jorns (SM East) 30-11, Sr. (Dec 5-1).

6A - 138 Results

1st Place - Dane Edwards of Dodge City
2nd Place - AJ Hurtado of Garden City
3rd Place - Dylan Brazell. of Wichita-Northwest
4th Place - Jaquwan Stone of Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
5th Place - Josh Mullin of Manhattan
6th Place - Caden Lynch of Lawrence

1st Place Match
Dane Edwards (Dodge City) 34-3, Sr. over AJ Hurtado (Garden City) 31-8, Sr. (Maj 11-1).

3rd Place Match
Dylan Brazell. (Wichita-Northwest) 37-8, So. over Jaquwan Stone (Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest) 40-9, Jr. (Pin 2:44).

5th Place Match
Josh Mullin (Manhattan) 25-13, Jr. over Caden Lynch (Lawrence) 28-13, Sr. (Dec 8-2).

6A - 145 Results

1st Place - Andrew Millsap of Junction City
2nd Place - Trevor Kennedy of Garden City
3rd Place - Colton Almos of SM Northwest
4th Place - Jordan Beckner of Wichita-Northwest
5th Place - Davis Matthews of Manhattan
6th Place - Swedi Ntakirutimana of SM West

1st Place Match
Andrew Millsap (Junction City) 39-1, Jr. over Trevor Kennedy (Garden City) 34-12, Sr. (Dec 5-1).

3rd Place Match
Colton Almos (SM Northwest) 40-11, Sr. over Jordan Beckner (Wichita-Northwest) 28-10, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

5th Place Match
Davis Matthews (Manhattan) 36-9, Sr. over Swedi Ntakirutimana (SM West) 32-18, Sr. (Dec 2-0).

6A - 152 Results

1st Place - Ben Becker of Derby
2nd Place - Saul Ortiz of Wichita-Northwest
3rd Place - Jack Mitchell of SM East
4th Place - Jeryl Denton of Junction City
5th Place - Chris Adler of Garden City
6th Place - William Burrows of Wichita-East

1st Place Match
Ben Becker (Derby) 37-2, Sr. over Saul Ortiz (Wichita-Northwest) 37-7, Jr. (OT 2-1).

3rd Place Match
Jack Mitchell (SM East) 30-3, Sr. over Jeryl Denton (Junction City) 40-6, So. (Dec 4-3).

5th Place Match
Chris Adler (Garden City) 32-14, Jr. over William Burrows (Wichita-East) 15-9, Sr. (Maj 13-3).

6A - 160 Results

1st Place - Dustin Williams of Gardner-Edgerton
2nd Place - Kalin Collins of Wichita-South
3rd Place - Austin Chauncey of Manhattan
4th Place - Devonte Wilson of Junction City
5th Place - AJ Totta of Stilwell-Blue Valley
6th Place - Chandler Ayer of Derby

1st Place Match
Dustin Williams (Gardner-Edgerton) 43-0, Jr. over Kalin Collins (Wichita-South) 40-3, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

3rd Place Match
Austin Chauncey (Manhattan) 38-8, Jr. over Devonte Wilson (Junction City) 10-6, Jr. (Maj 12-3).

5th Place Match
AJ Totta (Stilwell-Blue Valley) 33-13, Fr. over Chandler Ayer (Derby) 20-9, Sr. (Dec 1-0).

6A - 170 Results

1st Place - Laphonso McKinnis of SM Northwest
2nd Place - Anthony Gardner of Garden City
3rd Place - Alan Clothier of Lawrence
4th Place - Jordan Dillard of SM West
5th Place - Jose Santillon of Derby
6th Place - Jeremy Katz of Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest

1st Place Match
Laphonso McKinnis (SM Northwest) 38-9, Jr. over Anthony Gardner (Garden City) 29-9, Sr. (Dec 16-11).

3rd Place Match
Alan Clothier (Lawrence) 41-4, Fr. over Jordan Dillard (SM West) 26-9, Sr. (Pin 3:00).

5th Place Match
Jose Santillon (Derby) 36-13, Sr. over Jeremy Katz (Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest) 36-14, Sr. (Dec 6-5).

6A - 182 Results

1st Place - Andrew Denning of Lawrence
2nd Place - Emilio Fowler of Gardner-Edgerton
3rd Place - Rakim Dean of Wichita-South
4th Place - Austin Tillman of Topeka
5th Place - Grant Sparks of Olathe-East
6th Place - Jon Reuter of SM East

1st Place Match
Andrew Denning (Lawrence) 40-4, Sr. over Emilio Fowler (Gardner-Edgerton) 37-7, So. (Pin 5:26).

3rd Place Match
Rakim Dean (Wichita-South) 37-7, Sr. over Austin Tillman (Topeka) 20-2, Jr. (Pin 3:29).

5th Place Match
Grant Sparks (Olathe-East) 34-16, Sr. over Jon Reuter (SM East) 24-9, Sr. (Maj 13-3).

6A - 195 Results

1st Place - Seth Pesek of Gardner-Edgerton
2nd Place - Mario Galvan of SM Northwest
3rd Place - Sammy Reyes of Garden City
4th Place - James Denton of Junction City
5th Place - Blake Bradford of Derby
6th Place - Jordan Price of Manhattan

1st Place Match
Seth Pesek (Gardner-Edgerton) 32-5, So. over Mario Galvan (SM Northwest) 33-6, Jr. (Dec 3-2).

3rd Place Match
Sammy Reyes (Garden City) 32-12, Jr. over James Denton (Junction City) 33-12, Sr. (Dec 8-1).

5th Place Match
Blake Bradford (Derby) 28-15, Jr. over Jordan Price (Manhattan) 16-8, Sr. (Pin 3:53).

6A - 220 Results

1st Place - Ramiro Gatica of SM West
2nd Place - Chall Jenkins of Overland Park-Blue Valley West
3rd Place - Lex Plummer of Hutchinson
4th Place - Armando Contreras of SM North
5th Place - Caleb Franklin of Wichita-North
6th Place - Jordan Bell of Wichita-Northwest

1st Place Match
Ramiro Gatica (SM West) 31-5, Sr. over Chall Jenkins (Overland Park-Blue Valley West) 42-8, Jr. (Pin 2:49).

3rd Place Match
Lex Plummer (Hutchinson) 30-11, Jr. over Armando Contreras (SM North) 26-4, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).

5th Place Match
Caleb Franklin (Wichita-North) 29-2, Jr. over Jordan Bell (Wichita-Northwest) 35-11, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

6A - 285 Results

1st Place - Will Geary of Topeka
2nd Place - Nadir Zayyad of Overland Park-Blue Valley West
3rd Place - Dillon Young of Wichita-South
4th Place - Aaron Rafalko of Junction City
5th Place - Marc Saffle of Hutchinson
6th Place - Don Fowler of Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest

1st Place Match
Will Geary (Topeka) 29-1, Sr. over Nadir Zayyad (Overland Park-Blue Valley West) 40-5, Sr. (Pin 1:55).

3rd Place Match
Dillon Young (Wichita-South) 38-4, Sr. over Aaron Rafalko (Junction City) 25-12, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match
Marc Saffle (Hutchinson) 30-13, Sr. over Don Fowler (Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest) 35-13, Sr. (Pin 2:10).

5A - 106 Results

1st Place - Logan Terrill of Arkansas City
2nd Place - Dakota Rodd of Andover-Central
3rd Place - Stephen Tujague of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
4th Place - Ryan Delforge of Valley Center
5th Place - Landon Scott of Shawnee-Mill Valley
6th Place - Marty Verhaeghe of Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest

1st Place Match
Logan Terrill (Arkansas City) 33-9, So. over Dakota Rodd (Andover-Central) 33-13, Fr. (Pin 1:15).

3rd Place Match
Stephen Tujague (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 39-8, Fr. over Ryan Delforge (Valley Center) 44-6, Fr. (Maj 15-4).

5th Place Match
Landon Scott (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 37-12, Jr. over Marty Verhaeghe (Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest) 33-14, Fr. (Dec 3-1).

5A - 113 Results

1st Place - Parker Howell of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel
2nd Place - P.J. Cheney of Kansas City-Turner
3rd Place - Joey Defore of Arkansas City
4th Place - Daniel Wilson of Leavenworth
5th Place - Gabe Gooch of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
6th Place - Khamin Crow of Topeka-Seaman

1st Place Match
Parker Howell (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 12-4, Jr. over P.J. Cheney (Kansas City-Turner) 30-5, Jr. (Pin 1:05).

3rd Place Match
Joey Defore (Arkansas City) 28-15, Jr. over Daniel Wilson (Leavenworth) 34-11, Jr. (Dec 7-3).

5th Place Match
Gabe Gooch (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 22-3, Jr. over Khamin Crow (Topeka-Seaman) 33-14, So. (Maj 10-2).

5A - 120 Results

1st Place - Zac Gentzler of Andover-Central
2nd Place - Dakota Leach of Goddard
3rd Place - Reese Cokeley of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
4th Place - Marcus Phillips of Wichita-West
5th Place - Jake Elbrader of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
6th Place - Marco Perez of Arkansas City

1st Place Match
Zac Gentzler (Andover-Central) 41-0, Sr. over Dakota Leach (Goddard) 33-5, Sr. (Maj 10-2).

3rd Place Match
Reese Cokeley (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 39-15, So. over Marcus Phillips (Wichita-West) 25-5, Jr. (Dec 6-4).

5th Place Match
Jake Elbrader (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 28-9, Jr. over Marco Perez (Arkansas City) 19-18, So. (Dec 3-0).

5A - 126 Results

1st Place - Chris Burley of Great Bend
2nd Place - Quinton Harrison of Newton
3rd Place - Zak Hensley of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
4th Place - Ben Lightfoot of Andover-Central
5th Place - Dalton Dietrich of Arkansas City
6th Place - Luke Henes of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas

1st Place Match
Chris Burley (Great Bend) 34-2, Sr. over Quinton Harrison (Newton) 30-8, Sr. (TB-1 2-1).

3rd Place Match
Zak Hensley (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 33-8, So. over Ben Lightfoot (Andover-Central) 30-14, Sr. (Dec 6-0).

5th Place Match
Dalton Dietrich (Arkansas City) 30-14, Sr. over Luke Henes (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 35-11, Jr. (Dec 7-5).

5A - 132 Results

1st Place - Lukas Maki of Andover
2nd Place - Sawyer Like of Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
3rd Place - Tyler Dickman of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
4th Place - Greg Burley of Great Bend
5th Place - Patrick Burrus of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel
6th Place - David Ortiz of Valley Center

1st Place Match
Lukas Maki (Andover) 28-1, Sr. over Sawyer Like (Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest) 41-5, Jr. (Dec 4-3).

3rd Place Match
Tyler Dickman (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 26-2, Jr. over Greg Burley (Great Bend) 28-6, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match
Patrick Burrus (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 43-8, Jr. over David Ortiz (Valley Center) 30-15, Jr. (Dec 7-1).

5A - 138 Results

1st Place - Andrew Tujague of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
2nd Place - Daemeion Gay of Topeka-Seaman
3rd Place - Isaac Dulgarian of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
4th Place - Kade Sander of Great Bend
5th Place - Joe Umscheid of Andover-Central
6th Place - Dayton Will of Salina-Central

1st Place Match
Andrew Tujague (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 28-11, Jr. over Daemeion Gay (Topeka-Seaman) 31-18, So. (Dec 1-0).

3rd Place Match
Isaac Dulgarian (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 46-3, So. over Kade Sander (Great Bend) 30-4, Jr. (Dec 8-2).

5th Place Match
Joe Umscheid (Andover-Central) 37-7, Sr. over Dayton Will (Salina-Central) 32-14, So. (I-D 0:00).

5A - 145 Results

1st Place - Cody Eastman of Arkansas City
2nd Place - Reis Humphrey of Shawnee Mission-South
3rd Place - Jake Ellis of Shawnee-Mill Valley
4th Place - Paul Suhr of Andover-Central
5th Place - Ben VanLerberg of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
6th Place - Christian Frame of Goddard

1st Place Match
Cody Eastman (Arkansas City) 37-3, Sr. over Reis Humphrey (Shawnee Mission-South) 34-3, Sr. (Dec 8-3).

3rd Place Match
Jake Ellis (Shawnee-Mill Valley) 40-8, Jr. over Paul Suhr (Andover-Central) 33-10, Jr. (Dec 6-0).

5th Place Match
Ben VanLerberg (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 36-17, Jr. over Christian Frame (Goddard) 32-14, Jr. (I-D 0:00).

5A - 152 Results

1st Place - Wyatt Villers of Arkansas City
2nd Place - Josh Ortiz of Valley Center
3rd Place - Matt McWhorter of Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
4th Place - Matt Pratt of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
5th Place - Zack Hoskins of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
6th Place - Brett Woodruff of Goddard

1st Place Match
Wyatt Villers (Arkansas City) 38-3, Sr. over Josh Ortiz (Valley Center) 31-6, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

3rd Place Match
Matt McWhorter (Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest) 23-5, Sr. over Matt Pratt (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 35-17, So. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match

Zack Hoskins (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 36-8, Jr. over Brett Woodruff (Goddard) 31-15, So. (Dec 9-3).

5A - 160 Results

1st Place - Noel Torres of Emporia
2nd Place - Tony Bluml of Valley Center
3rd Place - Johnny Perz of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
4th Place - Michael Helms of Arkansas City
5th Place - Bryce Hofmeister of Great Bend
6th Place - Jesse Oliver of Wichita-West

1st Place Match
Noel Torres (Emporia) 34-4, Sr. over Tony Bluml (Valley Center) 34-15, Sr. (Pin 3:56).

3rd Place Match
Johnny Perz (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 44-4, Sr. over Michael Helms (Arkansas City) 29-12, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

5th Place Match
Bryce Hofmeister (Great Bend) 35-13, Sr. over Jesse Oliver (Wichita-West) 33-12, Jr. (Pin 2:25).

5A - 170 Results

1st Place - Bryant Guillen of Topeka-Seaman
2nd Place - Jared Langley of Newton
3rd Place - Trent Salsbury of Lenexa-Saint James Academy
4th Place - Tom Hand of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel
5th Place - Bryson Teufel of Arkansas City
6th Place - Darion Yager of Great Bend

1st Place Match
Bryant Guillen (Topeka-Seaman) 44-0, Sr. over Jared Langley (Newton) 36-6, So. (Dec 2-1).

3rd Place Match
Trent Salsbury (Lenexa-Saint James Academy) 45-11, Jr. over Tom Hand (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 39-16, Jr. (Pin 0:54).

5th Place Match
Bryson Teufel (Arkansas City) 25-22, Sr. over Darion Yager (Great Bend) 23-19, Jr. (Dec 3-2).

5A - 182 Results

1st Place - Nick Meck of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
2nd Place - Chad Blair of Valley Center
3rd Place - Rasheed Brady of Shawnee Mission-South
4th Place - Dalton Rodd of Andover-Central
5th Place - Nick Nolting of Wichita-Bishop Carroll
6th Place - Nick Heiland of Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel

1st Place Match
Nick Meck (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 39-2, Sr. over Chad Blair (Valley Center) 45-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

3rd Place Match
Rasheed Brady (Shawnee Mission-South) 35-6, Jr. over Dalton Rodd (Andover-Central) 24-5, Sr. (Dec 2-0).

5th Place Match
Nick Nolting (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) 26-11, So. over Nick Heiland (Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel) 40-12, Sr. (Dec 2-1).

5A - 195 Results

1st Place - Preston Weigel of Hays
2nd Place - Dillon Archer of Newton
3rd Place - Sage Eckman of Emporia
4th Place - Tommy Marquez of Wichita-Bishop Carroll
5th Place - Bailey Kelly of Topeka-Seaman
6th Place - Ben Taliaferro of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights

1st Place Match
Preston Weigel (Hays) 42-0, Jr. over Dillon Archer (Newton) 35-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

3rd Place Match
Sage Eckman (Emporia) 39-13, So. over Tommy Marquez (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) 30-11, So. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match
Bailey Kelly (Topeka-Seaman) 33-16, Fr. over Ben Taliaferro (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 34-5, Sr. (I-D 0:00).

5A - 220 Results

1st Place - Ben Ewing of Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
2nd Place - Kade True of Salina-Central
3rd Place - Tyson Toelkes of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
4th Place - Nate Stanley of Topeka-Seaman
5th Place - Raymond Gallegos of Newton
6th Place - Dylan Cox of Arkansas City

1st Place Match
Ben Ewing (Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas) 37-1, So. over Kade True (Salina-Central) 34-4, Sr. (UTB 2-1).

3rd Place Match
Tyson Toelkes (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 30-3, Jr. over Nate Stanley (Topeka-Seaman) 33-12, Sr. (Pin 2:28).

5th Place Match
Raymond Gallegos (Newton) 35-9, Jr. over Dylan Cox (Arkansas City) 35-11, Sr. (Pin 4:06).

5A - 285 Results

1st Place - Nathan Butler of Leavenworth
2nd Place - Dylan Hall of Topeka-Seaman
3rd Place - Matt McGrew of Arkansas City
4th Place - Shannon Meck of Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
5th Place - Zac Sander of Valley Center
6th Place - Garret Lee of Newton

1st Place Match
Nathan Butler (Leavenworth) 44-0, Sr. over Dylan Hall (Topeka-Seaman) 31-10, Sr. (Dec 9-2).

3rd Place Match
Matt McGrew (Arkansas City) 38-14, Sr. over Shannon Meck (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights) 32-6, Sr. (UTB 3-2).

5th Place Match
Zac Sander (Valley Center) 44-6, Sr. over Garret Lee (Newton) 34-9, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

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