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For many of Wichita's animals, Pat Morrison is their only friend. Pat runs Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection. Begun by accident with her own pets, this former Wichita nun now ministers to barks and meows instead of hallelujahs.

"You just can't walk away from it. They are here and they are going to be here. If I walk away, a lot of these probably wouldn't make it out."

Pat and her couple of hundred dogs and cats---live on a little slice of land in the far Northwest part of Wichita.

"Every dog has a story to be told."

"They can live here until their dying day."

For years, this former Nun and now college professor has taken in dogs and cats that you don't want.

"They'll be here as long as I'm here and hopefully I can stay healthy and the place doesn't fall apart and people keep wanting to adopt them and that will make it worthwhile."

If she can't adopt them, she won't put them down. They will live out there life here…with shelter…food and medical attention….but it comes at a cost.

"Yep, there is never enough money, if I worked 40 jobs, there wouldn't be enough money."

She has many volunteers who lend a hand….each day…her buildings are heated for the cats…and cleaned several times a day.

"We adopt about 200 cats per year. You have to be able to give it your all. That's the trouble. You don't know that. I don't know that I would have done it if I didn't know I wouldn't have any spare moment. You can't go anywhere; you can't have any social life. Just because we dominion over these animals doesn't mean we don't have responsibility for them. That's my philosophy. You have to take care of them. Somebody does. Some days I wish it wasn't me."

She is partial to the cats….these are what she terms the 'old geezers'. The cats who are probably too old to adopt…yet crave human companions.

"They are very well adjusted cats. They do like affection. They probably do need it. You know it's funny, I've been told by several veterinarians that cats are 'loners' and these are certainly not 'loners', they are real affectionate."

"It's very expensive to keep this many animals and to keep them housed and warm. People started calling saying will you take this one or that one and I took them all. It just mushroomed into something very big."

"This is my calling, this is my new congregation, my own following I guess, this is it!"

Morrison and her Lifeline Organization has urgent need for money, food and cat litter. Currently they are at capacity with dogs and cats. But if you can help, they can be reached at 316 807-8473. Donations are tax deductable.

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