Mary Capps - My Boss Was the BTK Killer

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A woman who worked closely with serial killer Dennis Rader has written a new book about her experience - My Boss Was the BTK Killer.

Mary Capps worked with BTK for almost seven years as a compliance officer in Park City. In an exclusive interview with KAKE's Susan Peters, Capps details the emotional trauma she suffered under the supervision of Rader.

Mary Capps describes one incindent as she worked under Rader, when her trapped her in her office.

"He just kept moving toward me," says Capps. "I said 'Dennis, open the door'. Finally he reached over, opened the door, and with a complete change of personality he walked to his desk and sat down and acted like nothing happened."

It was just one of several harrowing experiences Capps claims she put up with during the six and half years she was a compliance officer in Park City. She didnt know it then, but her alleged harraser was a twisted serial killer.

"I hope nobody is ever that close to evil and not knowig what they are feeling, but feeling something so horrible that they dont want to be around."

The list of harrasing behaivor in her book is too long to go into, but Capps filed grievance after grievance with the Park City. She says none of them were acted upon.

"I didnt know he was a killer but I knew he was a hateful and mean and spiteful person that the city didnt do anything about."

Capps continued to work under Rader, saying she needed the job and the health insurance for her children. But that last year of her employment after BTK reappeared, Capps says things really started getting odd.

For the first time, Dennis Rader gave her a present - a Christmas ornament. She says the man who was obsessed with choking gave her a snowman whith a scarf tied around its neck.

The fear started welling inside of her, although Capps says she couldnt put her finger on why. Then came Dennis Rader's continuous comments.

"He had asked me if i had seen the picture - the sketch of BTK, and I said I hadn't seen it. He said 'You know it looks like me , I could be BTK'"

Capps was afraid. She prepared and filed more grivenances with the city. In the month before Rader was arrested, Capps would come home night after night to find her front proch light unscreweed. She began getting prank calls on her cell phone - a phone only a few people had the number for - her family and Dennis Rader.

"It was on a Saturday. It was right after I gave notice and I thought this was weird.

Those calls stopped the day Rader was arrested. Capps says when she heard her boss was the BTK suspect, she broke down crying.

She couldn't watch her Rader's guilty plea, when he described in horrifying detail every murder.

She was diagnosed with post tramuatic stress disorder. Capps went into seclusion and is just now startting a new job. But she knows what she went through is nothing compared to the victims' famiies.

"They should be given an oppurtunity in that cell with that man. Just let them in there, shut the door and forget that they are in there with him - that should be Dennis' ending.

Mary capps went thru two years of therapy after Rader's arrest. She is now working full time and is engaged to be married.

Capps will hold her first book signing this Saturday from 2-4 at Watermark Books and Cafe at 4701 East Douglas.

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