Carr Trial Jurors Speak

By: Suan Peters
By: Suan Peters

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Even days later, talk of some of the testimony in the Carr Brothers trial brings jurors to tears.

It was one week ago that the jury decided on the death sentence for Jonathan and Reginald Carr.

The four men and women on the jury talked with KAKE News about how handing down a guilty verdict for the brothers was fairly easy, but that handing down a death sentence is something that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Susan Peters sat down with four of the 12 jurors and talked with them about their experience.

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Tiffany Niblack: "I just don't feel sympathy towards the Carr brothers at all and for somebody to ask me to feel sympathy is sickening to me."

Susan Peters: "Did you guys cry in the jury room at all? Most of you? All of you?"

Tiffany Niblack: "I can remember after we decided the sentencing phase of it , after we decided the verdict on that, the room was just kind of overcome with people sobbing."

Susan Peters: "You are closest in age and obviously a woman and closest in age to H.G. if she were here right now, what would you say to her?"

Tiffany Niblack: "I wouldn't know what to say. She's incredibly strong. I respect her, what do you say?"

Joe Wendell: "I think she is a remarkable woman. She has more strength and courage than anybody I've ever met."

Susan Peters: "What about the Carr brothers, if they were sitting here right now, what would you say to them?"

James Roney: "Why... why... why did they do that? just a big question mark."

Jim Smith: "I don't know I'd even want to speak to them."

Susan Peters: "Is there something you will take with you forever, from this trial?"

Jim Smith: "Definitely knowledge that the justice system does work. it takes awhile but it does work."

Tiffany Niblack: "I think the thing that I will end up taking from this trial is the photos. That's the worst thing to take with me but that's something I can never let go of."

Joe Wendell: "I can still think of almost every address and person and the order that the victims were lying in.
Its kind of like one of the prosecuting attorney's said , those people are frozen in time. That's burned in our minds there too. That picture is in our minds forever."

James Rooney: "Just the incredible story of a hero . There's so much tragedy in all this. There was one good that we heard . H.G. was strong. It was a miraculous event."

The jurors also said they became very close. They say they will keep in contact with each other and would like to stay in touch with the victims' families.

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