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There are several "no-nos" when looking for a job. For instance, you should not put your picture on your resume. Don't misspell words. And never leave anything on an application blank.

Chris Stayner of Wichita's Workforce Center also says you shouldn't sell yourself short. During the interview it is important to say, 'Here are the skills that I have that I can bring to the company."

Here are some other do's and dont's:

Definitely DO tout your specific skills. Definitely DON'T chew gum

"They think they are doing something good by going in with fresh breath," says Kimberly Cronister from the Workforce Center. "But you can do the same thing with a mint without chomping on the gum."

DO dress appropriately. A good rule of thumb is to dress one step above the person you are interviewing with . But DON'T wear flashy jewelry or too much cologne. Cronister adds, "If you go in and all they can concentrate on is what you smell like, it's going to distract them."

DO research on the company and DO ask questions.

"It gives them feedback," says Cronister. "It lets them know you are not just there for the interview and that you are really interested in the position and that you really want to be there."

But first you have to get there. Which means you need a good cover letter and a good resume. Some people put pictures on their resume, but advisors say they are just too personal. Under "personal history," it is not necessary to put things such as health conditions you may have.

"Being a diabetic isn't something necessary," Cronister says. "That isn't something you would want to list on a personal record when applying for a job."

By far the most common mistake is that applicants don't complete their resume. Some even put answers like "I don't know." Cronister claims an incomplete resume says you didn't take time to finish it.

If you are sending out several cover letters and like to cut and paste, it is wise to tweak them before sending them out or you could end up like the young man who sent KAKE-TV a cover letter with the words "I really want to work at KAKE in Wichita FALLS."

These are just a few mistakes that will keep you from getting that dream job. Don't forget one last thing:

"You are going to get turned down for jobs over and over," says Cronister. "You'll see stories of professionals who are multi-millionaires now and when they started, they got turned down over and over and over. But they didn't give up."

Common Mistakes When Looking for Job:

Overall Search
1) Focusing on one job at a time
2) Forget to customize resumes and cover letters for the specific job
3) Not following instructions given
4) Job seekers are unwilling to further their skills

1) Using colored ink- should always use blue or black
2) Do not have phone numbers of previous employers and references--bring the information with you
3) Applying for "anything" - know the position you are looking for
4) Incomplete applications- read instructions and fill in all the information
5) Writing "see resume" - always rewrite the information

Resumes and Cover Letters
1) Including too much personal information-pictures, hobbies, activities
2) Using inappropriate paper
3) Sending resume without a cover letter
4) Cut and Paste errors, addressing the wrong employers or position

1) Not wearing clothing appropriate for the position-can under or overdress
2) Chewing gum, too much perfume or cologne, too much jewelry and makeup
3) Not researching the position and the company
4) Not asking Questions

For even more information, you can contact the Wichita Workforce Center at 316-771-6600 or click on the link below this article.

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