We offer advertising solutions on top rated ABC network programming, local award winning news, highly watched syndicated shows and America’s #1 all classic television network, METV.

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The digital advertising space can be complex but extremely powerful for your advertising message. Here are 5 reasons why digital advertising is important.

1. Reaches People Where They Spend Their Time & Money

2. More Targeted

3. More Advanced Analytics

4. Easy to Scale & Adapt for any Budge

5. How People Prefer that Businesses Reach Them

KAKE Digital Services

Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Website Creation

Reputation Management

Email Marketing

Behavioral Targeting


Contextual & Keyword Targeting


Over the Top (OTT)/Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

Social Content Management


Native Advertising

On Site Data Tracking

Every Business Has A Story Let Us Tell Yours

KAKE offers award winning creative services to our clients. Most recently KAKE won the 2019 :30 commercial of the year for a large market television station. KAKE has full-scale video production capabilities. We specialize in creating custom advertisements that will reach your targeted customer

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